Though today we have TV, internet and other mediums of internet but still radio remains an intimate and enjoyable past-time. The main reason behind this is excitement created by radio stations, due to which people stick on to the radios for listening their favorite songs.

So lets have a look at some popular radio stations and what makes them so special.

NTS Radio

NTS Radio is based in Dalston, London and this independent radio station has developed a reputation for being the best radio station in the world, and with a good reason. NTS was established in April 2011 by Femi Edmund Adeyemi and Clair Urbahn who wanted to move away from the impersonal nature of bigger radio stations by generating a formula that revolves around the musical diversity of rinse FM, quirkiness of a talk-show and diversity of Resonance FM.

Rinse FM

Rinse FM was established in 1994 in London which later on went on to become London’s pirate station. Rinse has developed its reputation as the mots progressive club music radio station in the world. It majorly focuses on dance, hip-hop, electonica, grime and R&B, and draws a wide variety of knowledgable regular presenters and incredible guests DJ’s to produce a non-stop mix of the hottest new club sounds around.

Resonance FM

This is a London-based arts station, which has managed to garner an international following against all odds. It consist of almost everything which you might anticipate an FM station to be: it’s personal, independently run, arts council-funded and notable for the fact that it grants and incredible amount of freedom to its contributors.

If you are a talkies seeker you will find this also in the Resonance FM. It is communal to the extreme, looking to promote local art and assist those with financial or social difficulties at every opportunity, virtually everyone of its talk shows is interesting and immaculately presented.